From the Ocean to the City.
Realizing the best "Fun" for all those who enjoy
Leisure time by delivering the best products and the optimal services.

Our founder, Bob Hurley's "Have Fun" statement comes with his feeling of
"Enjoying surfing = enjoying your leisure time", a message of support for Fun,
not just in the Ocean but in the City and everywhere else. The strong feeling was succeeded by new Hurley today.

Meanwhile, it is true that Hurley is still perceived as a surf brand.
To be a true 'Have Fun' brand, loved by all who enjoy their leisure time, we do not confine sports to the framework of
"athletic sports"、but regard a new the concept of "leisure" in a broader sense.

Whether you approach sports competitively or as a hobby, we want people to enjoy sports with Hurley from the bottom of their heart.
And we will enter a variety of leisure time genres (sports in general, art, music, etc.)
to provide more and more people with the best "Have Fun" experience by delivering the best products and optimal services.
That is the philosophy of the newly-formed Hurley Japan.